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Renters Insurance

Renters Units Home Shield InsuranceDid you know that your landlord’s insurance does not cover your belongings as a renter?  Renters Insurance is designed to protect your belongings and contents within the renal unit if there is damage or other incidents.  The insurance covers items within the walls of your home.  It covers the insured in homes, apartments, condos or multi-family units of 2+.  Renters insurance also provides liability coverage for accidents which occur in the unit either during parties or not.

Lost Cost for Renters Insurance

For approximately a $1 per day or less, renters insurance is a wise decision.  Most renters insurance policies range from $125-$200 per year. Protect your belongings from theft, fire, water, hail, wind as well as some other forms of damage or loss.  Renters insurance is inexpensive, easy to obtain and cost effective for those in the rental life style.  Don’t delay call Home Shield Insurance Solutions today to get a free no hassle quote for your location (888) 214-7525. We also have an online form for a free quote.

Home Shield Helpful Tip…
Home Shield recommends that you take a cell phone video of your belongings and upload it to a digital storage area like Google Drive. This will help you with a home inventory should anything happen to your belongings while covered under renters insurance.  Don’t under report your claims items that are lost, stolen or destroyed during the accident.
Apartment Interior Home Shield InsuranceContents, Contents, Contents

Renters insurance premium cost is primarily related to the coverage value you would like for your belongings.  While a minor portion of the premium is for to your option for liability coverage.  Typical renters insurance coverage starts at $25,000 and can go to $100,000 or more.  Don’t think that you have $25,000 worth of property that you own?  Think about a fire loss that completely burns down all your belongings.  How many shirts did you own, pants, socks, pots, pans, food, cleaning supplies, watches, jewelry, DVDs, computers, tablets, etc?  Each item you own has a replacement cost.  Don’t short change yourself with only getting the minimum required by your landlord.  Be sure you have the proper coverage to make you whole again if the worst should happen.